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I am 54 years old and I have had an interest in European royalty since the late 1970s. My main interest is in British Royalty but I am also interested in all the monarchies of Europe past and present. This blog will mainly focus on the past but I will deliver current news of both the reigning and non reigning royal families in Europe. Although there are monarchies that still exist in other parts of the world my main focus is Europe although I will include news, when it happens, from other royal families throughout the world.

If you want to know how I got interested in European Royalty you can read my initial post.


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  1. Seria interessante você discorrer sobro o Czar Nicolau II e sua família,…pois você é sério e profundo em suas pesquisas, vamos aguardar,torcendo para dar certo. Obrigada,abraço

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  3. May I please use your picture of Otto the Great for a video project?

    • Yes you may!!

      • Hello Bill
        I am new to this after receiving an inheritance showing My relationship to King Edward the 4th. Can you tell me more? I am his 16th great Grandson. Straight. No offshoots no craziness just a straight shot to my father through Arthur. After looking for quite sometime I cannot find anyone more closely related than myself. Is this possible? Would I be the heir to the House of Plantagenet?

      • King Edward IV left no male line descendants. All the descendants of Edward IV are from his daughters. The two surviving sons of Edward IV were Edward V and Richard, Duke of York who were plaved in the Tower of London and were never heard from again.

  4. I find your site very interesting. (I’m afraid I don’t see your name – but with all respects),…I continue: -> To keep your “head” around so much and how it all “fits together” – it’s no wonder you have a degree! Too much of the ebb and flow of humanities banes and joys not to have a “sheep skin” to show for having mastered it! I was wondering about the Hanoverian claims to the British Throne. Since most and many came from an area of Germany closely abiding (or had a seemingly great deal of genomic assistance from there in any event) did the Hanover’s want to rule as Hanover’s? – and if not, why not? Wasn’t this prior to WWII or even the Franco-Prussian Wars in 1870’s? Thank you if you have a moment to refer me or explain. (Oh, P.S. Is the Stone back in Scotland? Or still under Elizabeth II’s Throne in Parliament?) Thank you for your time. ~~ John G.

  5. Michelle said:

    Hello – we are the same age – a good one. I have traced my husband, on Ancestry, to King Henry and Eleanor of Aquitaine. So is this the illegitimate lineage? Thank you, M

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been looking for information about some gold plated tin types? of Madame Barbara Dmitrievna Rimsky-Korsadova, Is there any way that I can send you a picture of these and get our opinion?

  7. Recently my Aunt has picked up a hobby of looking up our family history and she came across some pretty astounding items that I need your help with considering you might have better resources than I. She has come to link our lineage to Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and of course back to William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda of Flanders… What I was wondering if there is any evidence beyond the War of Roses of the Lancaster side of the family?? I am having a hard time myself making the connection… thanks a lot!

  8. Rico Falkenberg Andersen said:

    I have just discovered that I am a direct descendant of King Henry II of England through his son John (Lackland) of England (Plantagenet) and then his son King Henry III of England…..his son Edmund Crouchback 1. Earl of Lancaster and Leicester Plantagenet.
    from there it still goes in direct line to Several Barons of Mowbray to Baron of Ogle.
    Then the titles are only Sirs and Ladies and from 14. generatin down to me there are no titles at all.
    I am the 29. generation.
    My mums cousin did the research.
    Any questions or information you may have that could be of interest to me is highly appriciated as I know nothing about how I can find out more or find other interesting relatives.

  9. Tim Auckland said:

    Hello I am organising a lecture in October for around 35 people entitled “The Four Romanov Grand Duchesses and would like to use one of your images of the four young women.
    May I have your permission to use as I dont want to infringe any copyright issues

  10. The Earl of Loudoun,current head of House of York and the Plantagenet family, postulating prior to enterance to the holy sanctuary–Grandson of Barbara Huddleston Abney-Hastings, 13th Countess of Loudoun. On his Grandmother’s side, he is directly descended from, and heir-general of George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence (Brother of Richard III). His other notable ancestors include Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Catherine Pole, Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury – Catholic Marytr ( Beatified by Pope Leo XIII ) Lady Mary Boleyn, King James IV of Scotland, William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley and Alice Spencer, Countess of Derby

  11. I am seeking confirmation of the validity of the project by the American girl who claimed to have traced all but one US president back to King Hohn Plantagenet. I read your article on his defendant line and can’t see any correlation. Can you comment?

  12. Teri Williams said:

    Has anyone heard of Anne Plantagenet (Stafford). I have traced our lineage directly to her line on my mother’s side. Anne STAFFORD (C. March)

    Born: ABT 1408

    Died: 24 Sep 1432

    Buried: St Katherine by the Tower, London, Middlesex, England

    Father: Edmund STAFFORD (5º E. Stafford)

    Mother: Anne PLANTAGENET (C. Stafford and Eu)

    Married 1: Edmund MORTIMER (5° E. March) ABT 1415

    Married 2: John HOLLAND (1° D. Huntingdon) (b. 29 Mar 1395 – d. 5 Aug 1447) (son of John Holland, 1º D. Exeter, and Elizabeth Plantagenet) (m.2 Anne Montague) ABT 24 Oct 1429


    1. Henry HOLLAND (2º D. Exeter) (m. Anne Plantagenet)

    2. Anne HOLLAND (m. James Douglas, E. Morton)

  13. dustin france said:

    I am related to jean and was to henri. my name is dustin france.

  14. I recently received my mother’s grandmother’s bloodline/family tree that traces back to the Plantagenate kings of England. I have always loved history and now even more so. My granddaughter said to me “you mean we come from royalty?”. I told her that we do. During the pandemic lockdown here in Arkansas and the closure of schools, I sent all three sons a copy of our lineage so they could have it for the the kids to do research and learn part of their haritage and history. It would be cool to be more involved with others who are also in the family bloodline. How can we do that?

    • Rico Falkenberg Andersen said:

      I think most people use “MyHeritage”.
      I am also a direct descendant of the Plantagent Kings, but if you look further back in history you can easily track all the way back to the Viking Rollo born in year 846 and on this journey are some very interesting people. You only need google for this. 🙂

  15. Madison Harper said:

    Hi my name is Madison and I have recently taken an interest in my family history since my dad told me I was related to William the Conquerer (though many are). After days of genealogical research I have discovered that I am related to the entire Capetian Dynasty through Hugh Capet. My ancestors come from all of the Capetian Houses: Houses of Bourbon, Artois, Anjou, Courtenay, Burgundy, Valois, Vermandois, Evreux, and Dreux. I was able to trace ancestors such as King Charles VII of France, Catherine Queen of Aragon, and Marie Antoinette. I have been trying to get in contact with historians and genealogists but have had no success. Can you help? Thank you! Merry Christmas.

  16. kerriefuller said:

    Hello there – Just wanted to let you know about a new podcast called the Lost Tapes of History as its all the British monarchs from William I to Edward VIII – thought it would be right up your street!

  17. Gardner West-Bound said:

    How can I subscribe to your blog?

  18. Harold Lake Rodman

    Of the Gustavus Adolphus

  19. Nathaniel W Lundholm said:

    My name is Nathan Lundholm. From my last name you can tell I’m Swedish on dad’s dad’s side. But on dad’s mom’s side, I am related to the Plantagenet line. And I will tell you I just found out you were incorrect about when the Plantagenet name went extinct. I just think an enthusiast such as yourself would be fascinated to learn something new.

    The last male with the Plantagenet name was Arthur Plantagenet, son of Edward IV and Elizabeth Wayte. He died in 1542.
    The last female with that name was Frances Plantagenet, the daughter of Arthur Plantagenet. She died in the 1560s.

    For anyone fascinated with the Plantagenet history, especially those related to the line, there is a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DescendantsoftheHouseofPlantagenet

  20. Jonathan Rodman said:

    Liam contact me directly please Rodmnj@gmail.com
    I’d like to pick your knowledge.

  21. Hi Liam, I’m a publicist in publishing and I’m promoting a history book, Anatomy of a Nation: A History of British Identity in 50 Objects (Constable). Each chapter takes its cue from a specific document, in the wide sense of the term, and describes a specific Monarch and his/ her time. This is why I thought it might be of interest to you. If you’d like to see a review copy or if you wish to see more information, could you please email me?

  22. Joshua Allen Franks said:

    Ty for the article…..my name is Joshua Franks and I live in Oklahoma in the USA. I am curious more more about the Frankish Kingdom as I have read quite a few articles I was wondering if today there is royalty attached to my name please find me on Facebook I am the guy with the picture with my wife and her seven children

  23. Kubanychbek Kendirbaev Seleucid said:

    Thanks for your very interesting site. My name is Kubanychbek. I am Prince of The Seleucid, direct descendant of Emperor Seleucus I Nicator. My Y-DNA is European. Please get more information about The Seleucid Dynasty here:https://kkubanychbek.wixsite.com/seleucia/seleucid-dynasty.

  24. Misty Hackney said:

    Can u email me asap. I have verifiable proof I’m of direct legitimate lineage.

  25. Hey, love from India. I am a content writer who absolutely loves British Royal History and would like to work for you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  26. Jennifer Holahan said:

    I’ve been curious about the French royalty in general. I had no idea until recent I started a family tree project that my great grandmother x 18 was Catherine of Valois. From her I have traced as far back to my 39x great grandfather, Thuringbert, Count of Hesbaye.

  27. innovate437 said:

    A Person by the Name of CAROL MACKIN moved to Swarthmore Pennsylvania ( PA ) in the United States ( USA ) from the United Kingdom ( UK ) in 1979 and now works in the Swarthmore PA Public Library in the USA. She likes to tell People about Her Ancestral Heritage and one of Her Ancestors is King Henry VIII or in other words King Henry The 8th !!! She can be contacted about this at that Library in the United States. Sincerely, Emeritus Professor Gibson, Swarthmore College USA

  28. Hi I am a related to Richard the 3rd and Llewellyn the Great so says ancestry. Is there anything you can tell me about them?

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