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In the British Monarchy, and most monarchies on Continental Europe, the wife of a sovereign King will hold the title Queen, though technically a Queen Consort. But what is the title of a male Consort to a Queen Regnant, a Queen that holds sovereignty in her own right and does not hold the title “Queen” as a Consort of a sovereign King?

For this series I will examine the spouses of the Queen Regnants of England and Scotland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. It is debatable to how many Queen Regnants there have been in the British Isles. In Scotland the reign of Margaret the Maid of Norway is disputed and in England the reigns of the Empress Matilda and Lady Jane Grey are also disputed.

In Scotland the reigns that are not disputed are that of Mary I, Queen of Scots and Mary II who was not only Queen of Scots but also Queen of England and Ireland. In England the Queen Regnants were Mary I (of the House of Tudor) and her sister Elizabeth I.

Queen Anne was the last Queen Regnant to hold the individual titles of Queen of England and Queen of Scotland respectively. In 1707 with the Union of England and Scotland Anne became the first and only Queen Regnant of Great Britain. The current and previous Queen Regnants have been Queen’s of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

In this series I will examine the titles of the spouses of these Queen Regnants and demonstrate how their titles changed and evolved.