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Today, October 7, 2019, HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden limited the members of the House of Bernadotte. These personages will still be members of the Swedish Royal Family, but only official members of the House of Bernadotte will be expected to work in representing the King.

Styles such as His/Her Royal Highness have been stripped from non working royals. According to the Marshal of the Realm, the princely titles will be regarded as personal. Future spouses and children are not entitled to use those titles.

The Act of Succession has not been change. The requirement that they have to be brought up in Sweden has not been abolished.

Below is the decree released by the Marshal of the Realm.


Here is a previous list of the Members of the House of Bernadotte with the now current members.


Here is a picture of the King and his children, their spouses and grandchildren. Below that is a picture of the King, his daughter Crown Princess Victoria and her eldest daughter and heir Princess Estelle.