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Wilhelm, German and Prussian Crown Prince (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst, May 6, 1882 – July 20, 1951) was the eldest child and heir of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II, and his wife Princess Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg.

HIRH Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany and Prussia

Wilhelm was the last Crown Prince of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. After the death of his grandfather, Emperor Friedrich III, Wilhelm became crown prince at the age of six, retaining that title for more than 30 years until the fall of the empire on November 9, 1918. During World War I, he commanded the 5th Army from 1914 to 1916 and was commander of Army Group German Crown Prince for the remainder of the war.

Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Wilhelm married Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (20 September 1886 – 6 May 1954) in Berlin on 6 June 1905. After their marriage, the couple lived at the Crown Prince’s Palace in Berlin in the winter and at the Marmorpalais in Potsdam. Cecilie was the daughter of Friedrich Franz III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1851–1897) and his wife, Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna of Russia (1860–1922). Their eldest son, Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, was killed fighting for the German Army in France in 1940. However, during the early stages of his marriage the crown prince had a brief affair with the American opera singer Geraldine Farrar, and he later had a relationship with the dancer and spy the infamous Mata Hari.

Their children are:

1. Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (1906–1940), who renounced his succession rights in 1933. He married 1933 Dorothea von Salviati and had issue.

2. Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia (1907–1994); married 1938 Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia and had issue.

3. Prince Hubertus of Prussia (1909–1950); married 1941 Baroness Maria von Humboldt-Dachroeden, 1943 Princess Magdalena Reuss and had issue.

4. Prince Friedrich of Prussia (1911–1966); married 1945 Lady Brigid Guinness and had issue.

5. Princess Alexandrine of Prussia (1915–1980), called “Adini.” She had Down’s syndrome.

6. Princess Cecilie of Prussia (1917–1975); married Clyde Kenneth Harris on 21 June 1949, and had issue

German and Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst

Crown Prince Wilhelm became head of the House of Hohenzollern on June 4, 1941 following the death of his father and held the position until his own death on 20 July 1951. To monarchists he was Wilhelm III, German Emperor and King of Prussia.