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Back on March 26, 2013 I mentioned that the longest held peerage title was an marquesses. George John Patrick Dominic Townshend, 7th Marquess Townshend, succeeded to his peerage on 17 Nov 1921. He died on 23 April 2010,having held the peerage for 88 years, 157 days.

Since my last name is Foley, I have an interest in the title Baron Foley.

This is copied from wikipedia….

The title Baron Foley, in the peerage of Great Britain was held the longest by the 8th Baron, Adrian Gerald Foley from the death of his father, Gerald Henry Foley, 7th Baron Foley in 1927, until his own death  in February 2012, aged 88. That means he held the title for 83 years!

Baron Foley was a musician and composed music for the films Piccadilly Incident (1946) and Bond Street (1947). He appeared on an episode of the American game show, To Tell the Truth in 1957. In 1958, he met a wealthy American heiress, Patricia Meek, née Zoelner, during a stage production of Jane Eyre, produced by Huntington Hartford in New York City. On 23 December 1958, the couple married. They had two children: Alexandra Mary (born 1960) and Thomas Henry (born 1961), before divorcing in 1971. In 1972, he married another wealthy heiress, Ghislaine (née Dresselhuys; former wife of both the 6th Earl of Caledon and the 4th Baron Ashcombe), the only daughter of Dutch-born Long Island resident and former Consul of the Netherlands in London, Cornelius William Dresselhuys and Edith Merandon du Plessis. His second wife died in 2000. On 15 December 2003, he married his third wife, Hannah Steinberg.

Next week, I will give some history behind the title, Baron Foley