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While the King of Spain is recuperating in a Hospital bed after having back surgery his popularity continues to crumble. It has been a scandal filled year. With Spain going through some of its worst financial times in decades. Many of the scandals revolving around the king involve money. Last year he went on an African safari with his mistress that cost tax payers a lot of money and his son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, Duke of Palma de Mallorca,  is involved in a corruption and money laundering scandal. I don’t think the Spanish monarchy can get any lower.

It seems that ever since the abdication of Queen Isabel II in 1868 the Spanish monarchy has stood on tenuous soil. Her eldest son, the future Alfonso XII, was bypassed for the throne which was given to Amadeo of Savoy. Their first candidate, Leopold of Hohenzollern, was rejected sparking the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. After Amadeo’s abdication on 1873 the First Spanish Republic was declared. In December of 1874 Spain returned to a monarchical form of government under Alfonso XII.

He was postumously succeeded by his son, Alfonso XIII, in 1886. Alfonso XIII fled Spain in 1931 when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed. After the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 General Francisco Franco became Head of State/Dictator. He restored the Spainsh monarchy in 1947 although he stated the new king would not succeed until his death. He selected Juan-Carlos, grandson of Alfonso XII, bypassing the true heir, Don Juan, Count of Barcelona., whom Franco deemed too liberal. In 1975 Juan-Carlos came to the throne and in 1981 played a significant role in stopping a military coup.

I dislike abdications although I support them if they will save a monarchy. or if it is part of their tradition Is the monarchy really that much in jeopardy or is this hype from the media in order to sell news papers? I do think there are problems but I wonder how grave the situation really is?

I am keepiing my fingers crossed and hopping that Juan-Carlos can pass on a stable throne to his son, Prince Felipe, Prince of Asturias either soon or in the distant future. Meanwhile I wish his Majesty a speedy recovery and better days ahead.