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A Note To My Readers: I am having trouble with my computer and I have limted access to things on the internet and I have no access to my documents. So until I am able to have my computer up and running I will continue to post as normal but they won’t be as long.

In studying history I notived that my favorite time periods are those from about the 1500s until the present. I think the reason for this is due to the fact that I am a visual person. From 1500s to the present I have concepts of how the people looked, acted, dressed and where and how they lived. It is easy for me to concieve what these time periods were like. The further back in time the less clear those periods are for me.

I think my interest in Royalty is about relationships and how these people intermarried. Another interesting factor that is a cornerstone for my fascination with Royalty is in the usage of Power. In English history the struggle between the Crown and Parliament was a battle for power. It is interesting to see how power was fought over and how people in both camps lost their lives in the struggle over this power. I find the wisdom of Prince Albert, thePrince Consort, as a vital turning point in the history of the British monarchy. As we saw in my last entry on King William IV as long as the monarchy could be dragged into partisan politics there was much danger for the monarchy. The Prince Consort helped Queen Victoria to place the monarchy above partisan politics. Placing the monarchy above partisan politics may have been the move that ultimately save it.

I also like these time periods because of the way people dressed back then. Today I like in a time in history where comfortable clothing is the norm. On a hot summer day I can go to the store in shorts and a t-shirt and no one thinks twice about it…because they are similarly dressed. Back in say 1885 the choices of what one could wear were limted due mostly both social convention. I loved the way they lived and dressed back then but I don’t think I myself would have liked to have dressed like that.

Do you have a favorite historical time period? If so, let me know what it is and why in the section below.