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Today I would like to feature the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles…again. I will not re-post the older feature on the Prince of Wales, I will repeat some of my words but I will also add to them.

Today HRH turns 64 years old!

In the United States when people reach their 60s they are usually planning their retirement…if they can afford it. The Prince of Wales, However, is still waiting to star his main job…King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is difficult to talk about the prince of Wales taking on the role of king when you know another person has to die in order for him to assume that role. I have great respect for both of them and would love to see Her Majesty continue her reign. Yet, I also have mixed feelings to be honest. I would also like to see Charles assume the role for which birth has placed on his shoulders while he is still healthy and young enough to enjoy the role and make his name in the great panoply of British rulers.

I have always had great respect and admiration for the Prince of Wales. When I began studying and following royalty the Prince of Wales had just turned 30. He was described as a man of action and always on the go. He was into sports and his service in the military had him doing some amazing things from being a helicopter pilot and captain of his own ship. He also came across as very intelligent and articulate. I have come to learn that not everyone shared this admiration. Following his life for 34 years has allowed me to see some great changes in him. He seems more comfortable with himself than he was when younger. I think that comfort translates into being more at ease with people. He has had a long public career and I think he has found his niche in life while waiting for the crown.

This next paragraph is from my earlier writings out the Prince of Wales.

My final thought about the Prince of Wales is what style of kingship will he have? Will he stay the course and walk in the model that his mother portrayed? I do not know. Tuesday I mentioned that the Prince of Wales will make changes when he is king but I wonder what those changes will be? He has been outspoken and generally the monarch does keep neutral quite about issues, so will he continue the path of neutrality or will it be difficult for him to adjust to staying above the fray on specific issues? He does have a very warm and compassionate persona and while his mother also can display that quality there is also a sense of distance even aloofness wit the queen. Is that a trait that the monarch needs in order to retain that regal sense of mystery the crown allegedly has? Or will his more personal style be a breath of fresh air in the modern age?

I actually believe his friendly and personal style will help the monarchy move into the 21st century. What I am about to say is not criticism toward Her Majesty, it is more of an observation. I see Elizabeth II as one of the last of the Victorians. The influence of Queen Victoria was still being felt while Her Majesty was in her formative years. She was born 25 years after the great queen and raised by family members that lived and knew Queen Victoria. Although the queen herself has become more personable within the last 20 years or so, I think Charles, and then William afterward, will demonstrate the quality to a more pronounced degree.

I don’t think the reverence for monarchy will be, or has been, diminished in the light of this new open and personal style of monarchy. For what keeps the mystery and reverence there for the monarchy is a sense of class. Not the social class type of distinction where one class is seen as “better” than the other, but the type of class that displays maturity, dignity and respect. In that way the prince of Wales is a very classy guy! I wish him a happy birthday and many more healthy and happy days ahead for him.