King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Here are the answers to yesterdays quiz. I thank all who have participated!!

1. The English Royal Houses of Anjou, Lancaster and York were all ruled by which family?

d) Plantaganet

2. Which King of Scots was Elizabeth, The Queen Mother directly descended from?

I have to apologize for this one. I was going on memory and my memory was wrong. I thought it was James II, King of Scots but it was Robert II. Robert II had a daughter Jeanne who married Sir John Lyon of Glamis a direct ancestor to the Bowes-Lyon clan.

3. What names were Queen Victoria christened with?

c) Alexandrina Victoria
4. King Henri IV’s claim to the French throne was through his descent from which French king?

c) Louis IX ~ His son Robert, Count of Clermont married Beatrice of Burgundy, heiress of Bourbon[2] and had the following issue: Louis I, le Boiteux (1279–1342), first Duke of Bourbon and from him descends the House of Bourbon which mounted the French throne in 1589.
5. What European prince was briefly considered for the position of King of the United States of America?
a) Prince Henry of Prussia (1726–1802) , in 1786, was suggested as a candidate for a monarch for the United States.
6. Which of my favorite singers met Diana, Princess of Wales and accidentally called her “darling?”

c) John Denver. John met Diana while he was touring Britain in the early 1990s and called her darling at one point for which her said he received a rather very stern look from her.
7. Name the royal that acted in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager?

b) King Abdullah II of Jordan. The king is also an acknowledged fan of the science fiction saga Star Trek. In 1996, while he was still a Prince, he appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Investigations”. It was a non-speaking role as he was not a member of the Screen Actors Guild. A Star Trek theme park will open in 2014 as part of the $1.5-billion Red Sea Astrarium project in Aqaba, with the King being the majority local investor.

8. The year Princess Anne was given the title Princess Royal?

c) 1987

9. Although The Princes of Wales will more than likely reign as King Charles III what other name has it been rumored he may reign as?

d) King George VII.

10. Did Queen Victoria really say “We are not amused?”

b) No, she didn’t. According to her granddaughter Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone this was not something she ever said.