1091 – London Tornado of 1091: A tornado thought to be of strength T8/F4 strikes the heart of London.
1346 – Battle of Neville’s Cross: King David II of Scotland is captured by Edward III of England near Durham, and imprisoned in the Tower of London for eleven years.
1610 – French king Louis XIII is crowned in Rheims.
1660 – Nine regicides, the men who signed the death warrant of Charles I, are hanged, drawn and quartered.
1662 – Charles II of England sells Dunkirk to France for 40,000 pounds.
1905 – The October Manifesto issued by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
1945 – Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens becomes Prime Minister of Greece between the pull-out of the German occupation force in 1944 and the return of King Georgios II to Greece.
1956 – The first commercial nuclear power station is officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in Sellafield,in Cumbria, England.
1980 – As part of the Holy See – United Kingdom relations a British monarch makes the first state visit to the Vatican.


1853 – Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia (d. 1920)
1912 – Pope John Paul I (d. 1978)


532 – Pope Boniface II
1174 – Queen Petronila of Aragon (b. 1135)