732 – Battle of Tours: Near Poitiers, France, the leader of the Franks, Charles Martel and his men, defeat a large army of Moors, stopping the Muslims from spreading into Western Europe. The governor of Cordoba, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, is killed during the battle.
1471 – Battle of Brunkeberg in Stockholm: Sten Sture the Elder, the Regent of Sweden, with the help of farmers and miners, repels an attack by Christian I, King of Denmark.
1575 – Battle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Duke Henry of Guise defeat the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.


1344 – Mary Plantagenet, English princess (d. 1362)
1567 – Infanta Caterina Micaela of Spain (d. 1597)
1830 – Queen Isabella II of Spain (d. 1904)
1903 – Prince Charles of Belgium, Prince Regent of Belgium (d. 1983)


1359 – King Hugh IV of Cyprus (b. 1295)
1914 – King Carol I of Romania (b. 1839)