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HRH The Prince of Wales

Today I would like to feature the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. He has held the title since 1958 when he was 10 although he was not formally invested in the title until 1969 when he was 21. His great-great grandfather, Edward VII, held the title the longest, 59 years. Edward was 59 when he became king while Charles, who will be 64 next month, is the oldest to still retain that title.

 have always had great respect and admiration for the Prince of Wales. When I began studying and following royalty the Prince of Wales had just turned 30. He was described as a man of action and always on the go. He was into sports and his service in the military had him doing some amazing things from being a helicopter pilot and captain of his own ship. He also came across as very intelligent and articulate. I have come to learn that not everyone shared this admiration. The Prince of Wales reputation has gone up and down over the years. He is an environmentalist and I remember the flack he received for talking to plants. What surprised me about the fall out from that was talking to plants had seem to be such a common idea here in the States and it didn’t sound strange to me at all.

 The Prince of Wales has been an outspoken individual and when you speak you mind in any public or even private manner there will be people to disagree with you, sometimes that disagreement will be quite vocal. The Prince has had a passion for keeping cherished old buildings from the destruction block and has also railed against the monstrosities that pass for modern architecture. However, the thing that has caused the most controversy was the affair with his now current wife and treatment of his first wife Diana, Princess of Wales. I must admit even my respect for his was weakened during this time. What saved it was the fact that it takes two to have a bad relationship and both parties had apart in the demise of the relationship. That doesn’t make his behavior acceptable it just places it in a proper context for me.

 I think the way he has conducted himself since that time, especially in his treatment of his sons, William and Harry, has helped him on his path of public redemption. His work and tributes toward his mother during this Diamond Jubilee year have also helped in that process. The Prince of Wales may not be the man of action that he once was but I still find him to be a kind and gentle man who dose display a great deal of warmth to those that he serves with his charities. Although he is heir to one of Europe oldest monarchies there does not seem to be an arrogant snobby attitude within him. Quite the contrary, he does come across and a down to earth individual with a sense of humor and an ability to put people at ease. Make no mistake a bout though, he is a Prince and also comes across with a sense of dignity, class and very cultured. These are all traits I admire and hope to emulate.

 My final thought about the Prince of Wales is what style of kingship will he have? Will he stay the course and walk in the model that his mother portrayed? I do not know. Tuesday I mentioned that the Prince of Wales will make changes when he is king but I wonder what those changes will be? He has been outspoken and generally the monarch does keep neutral quite about issues, so will he continue the path of neutrality or will it be difficult for him to adjust to staying above the fray on specific issues? He does have a very warm and compassionate persona and while his mother also can display that quality there is also a sense of distance even aloofness wit the queen. Is that a trait that the monarch needs in order to retain that regal sense of mystery the crown allegedly has? Or will his more personal style be a breath of fresh air in the modern age?