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I recently viewed this movie which I own on DVD. I really enjoy royalty and any movies connected with royalty even if they are detached from historical inaccuracies  First off my favorite version of this tale was the 1970s miniseries starring Richard Chamberlain. Oh how I wish that one was on DVD!

This is a very uneven movie. I do like the majority of the storyline except for the fact that D’Artagnan is the father of the king and his brother Philippe. For me that is too far of a stretch from history and it taints the character of D’Artagnan. D’Artagnan has always been depicted as a man of honor and a servant of the king. Having and affair and fathering two children with the queen is a treasonable offense and not behavior one would expect in a man of honor.

The cinematography is excellent. The sets, locations and costumes are also excellent. Other than the one aspect of the story concerning D’Artagnan my other major complaint is the acting. This movie features a stellar cast of fine actors: Gabriel Byrne, Gérard Depardieu, Jeremy Irons and Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite this ensemble two actors were badly miscast. In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio, an otherwise fine actor, is embarrassingly and woefully miscast. I truly cringe when he is on screen. Louis XIV (despite being on the short side) had a commanding presence which Leo fails to convey. Also Leo delivers his lines in a wooden stiff and forced manner. A close second is John Malkovich another fine actor. His delivery is almost too nonchalant and carefree and he doesn’t project the gravitas needed for the emotions his character experiences. Gabriel Byrne as D’Artagnan and Jeremy Irons as Aramis provide stellar performances and are the two saving graces of this film which make it watchable.