1066 – William the Conqueror and his army set sail from the mouth of the Somme River, beginning the Norman Conquest of England.
1331 – The Battle of Płowce between the Kingdom of Poland and the Teutonic Order is fought.
1422 – After the brief Gollub War the Teutonic Knights sign the Treaty of Melno with the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
1529 – The Siege of Vienna begins when Suleiman I attacks the city.
1540 – The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) receives its charter from Pope Paul III.
1590 – Pope Urban VII dies 13 days after being chosen as the Pope, making his reign the shortest papacy in history.
1922 – King Constantine I of Greece abdicates his throne in favor of his eldest son, King George II.


823 – Ermentrude of Orléans, consort of Charles the Bald (d. 869)
1271 – Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Poland (d. 1305)
1275 – John II of Brabant (d. 1312)
1389 – Cosimo de’ Medici, Italian art patron and de facto ruler of Florence (d. 1464)
1601 – King Louis XIII of France (d. 1643)


1249 – Count Raymond VII of Toulouse (b. 1197)
1590 – Pope Urban VII (b. 1521)
1615 – Arbella Stuart, English noblewoman (b. 1575)
1651 – Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria (b. 1573)
1700 – Pope Innocent XII (b. 1615)