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Back from my little vacation. Before I return to my regular topics I wanted to comment on the recent scandal involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. While the Duke and Duchess are on a successful tour of Malaysia on behalf of her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee a French tabloid released topless pictures of the Duchess taken while on Holiday on private property.

I have read the reactions from various message boards and the overwhelming majority of the people feel that the privacy of the couple was violated. I agree with that 100%. There are those who mentioned that the Duchess hold some responsibility by sun bathing topless given the behavior of the paparazzi in the past. I have to wonder if they have a point? On the one hand it is a complete violation of her privacy and on a large private estate she should have the freedom to do whatever she likes. On the other hand, she is a royal and the paparazzi have a notorious reputation and a history of such unjust invasions of privacy that I would wonder if the Duchess took that into consideration when she chose to sunbathe topless?

The sad reality of the situation is that the paparazzi have no scruples and will violate a person’s right to privacy in order to get a salacious photo and make a buck. I am of the belief that just because a person is famous it doesn’t mean they they give up the right to privacy and that all details of their personal lives need to be made public.

I do understand that there is a fine line with royalty and the public’s need for information. Being in the spotlight and increasing public interest is how monarchy thrives. If no one is interested in them then a monarchy can become pointless and useless. However, that doesn’t mean the interest in royals needs to be without boundaries. There needs to be a strong line between their professional and private lives. I also think that people who support the royal family should not support publications which violate this boundary.

I also hope that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sue the proverbial pants off the tabloids and photographers that took and publish these photos. I heard today that even criminal charges toward the photographer are going to be pursued!