Monday July 30 was the funeral of Prince Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meisse, Duke of Saxony There have been reports that his brother, Prince Albert of Saxony, claimed the title of Margave of Meissen instead of Maria Emanuel’s designated heir, Prince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe. According to the report below there seems to be a reconciliation between the two men and another vacant title will not fall into dispute…hopefully. 

Dresden – bells ringing on Monday at 15.40 clock on the Austrian Inn Valley. In the valley below the Alps, 2370 meters high summit Tschirgant a small funeral procession moved to the Royal Chapel of Wettin in Brennbichl .

The immediate family here was Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen, Prince of Saxony, Duke of Saxony (86) carried to the grave. He would have been king, it would give the monarchy in the Free State still.

After 44 years at the helm of the 1000 year old dynasty, he died eight days in his palace on Lake Geneva. His body was buried in a sealed zinc coffin, which covered an oak coffin.

At the grave grieving widow with Anastasia Louise (71) including the new Margrave Alexander Prince of Saxony (59) with wife Gisela (47) and four children.

Previously, it had come to a meeting in the chapel of the new Marquis of Albert Prince of Saxe (77). This arose in recent days claims to the chief post of Wettin. Prince Albert conciliatory: “I just want peace in the royal house!”