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Thursday’s featured royal is…Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Princess Märtha Louise was born on 22 September 1971 to King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway (who were then Crown Prince and Princess). At the time of her birth she was not in life for the Norwegian throne. In 1990 the Norwegian constitution was amended to full cognatic succession giving equal rights to the throne regardless of gender. However, this was not retroactive as it was in Sweden and Märtha Louise did not supplant her younger brother, Crown prince Haakon, in the line of succession but for the first time in her life she had succession rights. Princess Märtha Louise Princess Märtha Louise is a certified physical therapist, where she was educated in Oslo but did her internship in Maastricht. However she doesn’t not work in that field and instead focuses her energy in an entertainment business she founded where she concentrates on music and Norwegian folk tales. In 2002 the King removed her style Her Royal Highness (with her approval) to distance herself from the royal family and her private business work. In May of that same year Princess Märtha Louise married author Ari Behn in the city of Trondheim. They have three girls, Maud (2003), Leah (2005) and Emma (2008). Princess Märtha Louise has authored her won children’s book “Why Kings And Queens Don’t Wear Crowns” published in 2006.

The thing I admire about her is that she seems so different from many other royals. I think she is beautiful and in many ways down to earth despite her claims to talking to animals and angels. This claim and her work in holistic medicine has given the princess some controversy and ridicule. However I admire her convictions and the desire to follow what she wants to do with her life even though she is a royal. She still carries out official duties from time to time on behalf of the monarchy. She is the chairperson of the Princess Märtha Louise Fund which awards funds to projects that are carried out by non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to disabled children under the age of 16. As I feature Princess Märtha Louise I will end by sharing some pictures of the beautiful princess.