1212 – Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa: after Pope Innocent III calls European knights to a crusade, forces of Kings Alfonso VIII of Castile, Sancho VII of Navarre, Peter II of Aragon and Afonso II of Portugal defeat those of the Berber Muslim leader Almohad, thus marking a significant turning point in the Reconquista and in the medieval history of Spain.
1377 – Coronation of Richard II of England.
1951 – King Leopold III of Belgium abdicates in favor of his son, Baudouin I of Belgium.


1611 – Archduchess Cecilia Renata of Austria, Austrian-born Queen consort of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, wife of King Władysław IV Vasa (d. 1644).


1216 – Pope Innocent III (b. 1160 or 1161)
1342 – King Charles I of Hungary (b. 1288)
1557 – Anne of Cleves, German-born fourth wife of King Henry VIII of England (b. 1515)