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Left to right seated are: The Dowager Marchioness of Milford Haven, the then Princess Elizabeth, holding her son Prince Charles, and Dowager Queen Mary. Rear, Left to right: Lady Brabourne, Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh, King George VI, The Hon. David Bowes – Lyon, brother of Queen Elizabeth, The Earl of Athlone and Princess Margaret.


One of the aspects of my love of history and studying royal genealogy is that it connects people to eras that have passed. I enjoy looking at pictures of royals that has members from many generations which will connect a person to the past. One such picture is the one of the christening of Queen II in 1926. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been blessed with a long life and in the year 2012 she is 86 years old and this picture of her christening is a touchstone to the past. In the back row of this picture the elderly gentleman to the far left is HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, the third son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who was born in 1850 and lived until 1944. I do not know how much contact the queen had with the Duke of Connaught but it is an amazing connecting to the Victoria era.

Another picture that shows the connections to the past is the one of the christening of Princess Anne, the Princess Royal in 1950. In the picture is her grandfather, King George VI, and also her great-grand mother Queen Mary. Queen Mary was the daughter of Prince Franz, Duke of Teck and Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge. Her mother, Mary Adelaide of Cambridge herself was a daughter of HRH Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge the seventh son of King George III. This made Queen Mary a great-granddaughter of King George III. Mary had an interesting connection to the king George’s of Great Britain. She was the great-granddaughter of George III, great-niece of George IV, she was married to King George V and was the mother of King George VI! The continuity of monarchy and how its members can link a country to its past and its history is one of the important, and fascinating, functions of monarchy. 

here is a bit of info from my friend Karen: From a letter written by Prince Arthur Duke of Connaught to Princess Louise Dowager Duchess of Argyll. It’s headed Bagshot Park, 27 May 1928:

The lunch on Friday in honour of May’s birthday was very cheery, all four boys were there – little Elizabeth was delightful running about and beating time with both hands to the music of the band, and then going up to shake hands with the Bandmaster, whom she had seen at Windsor.
(From Darling Loosy – Letters to Princess Louise 1856 – 1939 by Elizabeth Longford)