Here is my schedule for this blog. I have looked at many blogs and they all have different focuses and I wanted to offer something different than just the news on the current reigning royals. 


I will post important historical events of the past on each day.

News as it arises from current reigning and non reigning European Royal families (and non-European).

Monday: Royal Genealogy

On this topic I will look at the myriad of personal connections between the royal families and how they were all interrelated. I will look at various dynasties and talk about their origins, history and how their statuses changed. They didn’t have facebook back then! I will also look at royal weddings and how the couples were related and the children they had.

Tuesday: Empires and Kingdoms of Europe.

I will look at various historical aspects of monarchy from the reference point of each state. For example, I could look at England under the Tudor monarchy and discuss topics from that point of view. I can look at the Holy Roman Empire and discuss the impact the Protestant Reformation had on the monarchies of the empire and the monarchs themselves.

Wednesday: Anything goes. This is a free day for me to talk about any royalty related topic on my mind.

Thursday: Royal of the Day: Past and Present.

I will do a short bio of a non-reigning prince or princess from the past or present.

Friday: Monarch of the day. Past and Present.

I will do a short bio of a reigning Emperor, King, Queen, Grand Duke etc. from the past or present.