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As part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations Her Majesty, accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, are making an historic visit to Northern Ireland, a region of her kingdom that has a history of sectarian violence. I have linked a few articles which detail her trip which is currently in progress. 

Her Majesty will meet with Martin McGuinness the leader of the IRA faction. In 1979 the IRA was responsible for the assassination of Her Majesty’s cousin (uncle to the Duke of Edinburgh) Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma and last Viceroy of India (born HSH  Prince Louis of Battenberg). According to the article in the Huffington Post, it was McGuinness himself that sanctioned Lord Mountbatten’s murder.

Edit: I wanted to add my thoughts. Being a figure head her visits are often planned for by the government. I remember the assassination of Lord Mountbatten very well, it happened in my early days of following royalty, so I have to wonder if this was Her Majesty’s choice to visit with McGuinness and how does Her Majesty really feel? We may never know.