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HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

I have posted this article about Luxembourg shifting away from male  male-preference primogeniture. The term for offering the throne to the eldest child regardless of gender is called cognatic primogeniture. Many monarchies are going this route. Sweden was the first back in 1979/80. Norway has followed suit as has Belgium, and the Netherlands. Denmark was in the process of changing their succession to cognatic primogeniture until the birth of a boy, Prince Christian, in 2005. Great Britain is in the process of changing to cognatic primogeniture as mentioned in the queen’s speech in the Sate Opening of Parliament earlier this year. So far, to my knowledge, Spain, Liechtenstein and Monaco have not.

I wanted to share my feelings about this issue. I am honestly mixed. My practical rational side of me agrees with it while the emotional side of me doesn’t like it. I am all for women’s rights and equality. I have a daughter myself, she is my only child, and I want her to have the same advantages in life that men have. When it comes to monarchy I am a traditionalist in many areas. For example, I have no problem with royals marrying who they like but I do miss the days when royals married royals.

So I will miss the days when a king, duke or prince was followed on the throne by his eldest son. I understand that the monarchy must adapt and change to survive and this step makes sense given the fact that the role of sovereign is a symbolic one and a non-political role. In the end I think it will work out fine, but I will miss the old days.