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When Louis Ferdinand died on September 26, 1994 his grandson succeeded him as head of the imperial house. This is not an empty sounding title or position as it may sound. The Will of the former Kaiser Wilhelm II stipulated that the estate could only pass to his descendents that entered into equal marriages. This is one of the main reasons Louis Ferdinand chose his grandson as successor. Of the four sons of Louis Ferdinand and Grand Duchess Kira the elder of the two, Princes Friedrich Wilhelm and Michael did not enter into equal marriages while the two younger sons, Louis Ferdinand jr and Christian-Sigismund did enter equal marriages. Prince Georg Friedrich’s father, Louis Ferdinand jr, married Countess Donata zu Castell-Rüdenhausen a member of an aristocratic family satisfying the requirements of the Kaiser’s will. Louis Ferdinand jr died a little over a year after the marriage when he was killed during military maneuvers leaving his son as his grandfather’s heir.

This decision was contested by Georg Friedrich’s uncles who contend their marriages were equal even though they renounced their rights prior to their marriages. After lengthy battles in lower and higher German courts the final ruling came that George Friedrich was the rightful heir of his grandfather and the associated estate. The court did rule that Georg Friedrich did have to give his uncles a portion of the inheritance. As far as the headship to the imperial house is concerned the court would not render a decision on this matter since the monarchy had been abolished and the court had no jurisdiction over the matter. Today George Friedrich is recognized as the head of the imperial house and pretender to both the imperial throne of Germany and the royal throne of Prussia.

Pressure had always been on Georg Friedrich to marry equally to maintain his qualifications as the head of the house. In August of 2011 Georg Friedrich married equally HSH Princess Sophie Johanna Maria of Isenburg in Potsdam on the 950th anniversary of the founding of the House of Hohenzollern. Despite being a republic there were many who were interested in the marriage which was broadcast live by local public television.

 Georg Friedrich currently works for a company that assists universities in bringing their innovations to the public. He also administers the Princess Kira of Prussia-Foundation a charity foundation established by his grandmother in 1952.