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Here are a couple of factoids about royal numbering that I did not include previously in the series.

 In 1830 Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence ascended the British throne. Initially he wanted to call himself by his second name and rule as King Henry IX of the United Kingdom. It was quickly pointed out that as recently as 30 years ago the last pretender to the British throne by the branch of the House of Stuart that had been excluded, was called Henry IX by his followers. Therefore the new king settled on his first name and called himself William IV.

 In 1888 Crown Prince Friedrich of Germany and Prussia ascended the Imperial throne of Germany and the Royal throne of Prussia. He was the son of Wilhelm I, German Emperor and King of Prussia. He was also the son-in-law of Britain’s Queen Victoria, married to her eldest daughter, princess Victoria, the Princess Royal. He was the second Emperor of this new German Empire founded in 1871. However he mistakenly thought this new empire was connected to the old Holy Roman Empire and he wanted to call himself Emperor Friedrich IV. After being shown his mistake the new emperor settled on calling himself Emperor Friedrich III since as king of Prussia, he was the third king by that name.

 This concludes my series on Royal numbering. Check back on Monday for a new series. As Royal news pops up over the weekend, such as the name of the new Danish princess, I will be posting that information so keep checking.