I began my interest in European royalty as a teen in the late 70s. I had always perused my father’s almanacs and I used to read the list of the Kings and Queens of England. At the same time I had watched the TV miniseries Roots and also read the book which got me interested in genealogy. This lead me to a question I had. I knew the English monarchy was hereditary with the crown being passed from father to eldest son (or daughter). So I began to wonder if the kings and queens were always related by blood to their predecessor or were there times when a king or family came to the throne without any blood ties to their predecessor? Thus began my search.

 My search began with asking my mother the question. All she knew was that the present queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, had inherited the throne from her father. That didn’t help much so I headed off to the library. This was the day before the internet, Google and Wikipedia so I had to actually crack a book! With paper and pen in hand I began to search genealogy charts. As I did that I became interested in the lives and the time period of the monarchs themselves. The more I read the more questions I had and I became determined to understand it all.

 As I read about the British monarchy and their genealogy I came across references to monarchies all over Europe and learned how interrelated and interconnected they all are. So I became determined to also learn about them. That was how it started for me some 30+ years ago.